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140g Wendell Estate Honey – Case of 6


  • RAW: Unheated, unfiltered honey: All the health benefits, healthy enzymes, pollen & propolis.
  • SUBLIME: Silky-smooth, uniquely fresh, luxurious raw honey.
  • PRESTIGE: London International Honey Awards Platinum (highest) 2020.
  • ELEGANT: Brilliant pure white honey in a gorgeous glass jar.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Contact us for volume discounts and custom labeling options.

Please read our soft-set raw honey storage instructions (click here)

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Product Description

Travel-sized gourmet raw honey in cases of 6 or 12. 140g (4.9 oz; 100cc) silky-smooth soft set honey in an attractive re-purpose-able Japanese glass jar. An excellent gift. Ideal for travelers, corporate events and weddings. Custom labels are available. Please contact us at or +1 (204) 564 2599 to discuss labeling and discount  pricing for large orders. Kosher. Halal.

Every drop of Wendell Estate Honey is harvested from our own bees and packaged only fresh on our farm by us, the beekeepers. Because our honey is never heated nor gets stored or transported in bulk drums, all of the healthy enzymes remain intact. Because the only “processing” we do is spinning the honey from the honeycomb and straining out larger pieces of wax, all the natural bee pollen and propolis remain in the honey. This is the honey the bees eat and this is the honey the beekeeper eats. We’re happy to share it with you. We’re also honoured that our passion for honey perfection has been recognized by prestigious international awards: the gold medal for world’s best soft-set honey at the 2019 World Beekeeping Awards and a Platinum at the 2020 London International Honey Awards. Wendell Estate Honey is also the first brand of honey in Canada to obtain GenuHoney’s rigorous certificate of honey authenticity.

Let us change the way you think of honey. Eat honey like a beekeeper!


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