Box of 140g Wendell Estate Natural Raw Honey


Wendell Estate Honey Won the Gold Medal for Best Soft-Set Honey at the 2019 World Beekeeping Awards
Wendell Estate Honey Became the First North American Honey to be Awarded Platinum at the 2020 London International Honey Awards
  • LUXURIOUS: uniquely fresh premium honey direct from our own bees.
  • NATURAL: Raw honey with all its healthy enzymes and organic compounds intact.
  • PORTABLE: Carry-on size elegant glass jar makes great souvenirs & gifts.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Custom labelling available on larger orders for weddings, events and corporate gifts.

Please read our soft-set raw honey storage instructions (click here)

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Natural Raw Honey

140g (4.9 oz) white soft set honey in a carry-on sized glass jar. Like our larger jars, every drop of Wendell Estate Honey is sustainably harvested from our own bees and packaged only fresh on our farm within hours of coming off the beehives and being spun from of the honeycomb. Surprise people with a honey unlike any they’ve experienced. The bonus is that it’s as good for you as it is good tasting. Kosher and Halal (Premium Canadian honey takes no sides – healthy lives to all!).

Not really a cosmetic, but still great for the skin.

We’ve been told by customers that they initially thought that our pristine white honey in this small, high-quality glass jar was a cosmetic product. While that wasn’t our intention, we can see how one could get that impression. By coincidence, it happens that raw honey IS great for your skin. However, we also think this honey is too delicious not to be enjoyed orally (i.e. by eating it). When you feel good, you’ll look good with decreased need for cosmetics.

Why choose our 140g jar of Natural Raw Honey?

Our smallest jar of honey makes a great Canadian souvenir. Honey is heavier than water, so 140g of honey is 100cc. Our 140g jars are also good stocking stuffers or gifts of sweet appreciation. If you’re hosting a wedding or other event, this natural raw honey will leave an unforgettable impression with your guests. Please get in touch with us about custom labeling options and volume discounts.

140g (4.9oz) Natural Raw Honey Shipping & Delivery Info

$0.00. We pay all shipping. We do this because we hate shopping online, going through the whole process only to find out at the last step that shipping costs more than the actual product.

We ship our natural raw honey with Canada Post (partnered with USPS for USA deliveries), the only reliable logistical providers from our rural location. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery in Canada and up to 14 business days for deliveries to USA addresses in normal times. We have no control over the postal system (or customs for USA deliveries) so cannot influence delivery times. If your honey does not arrive within the above quoted times, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to get you your honey. Fortunately, delivery often occurs much quicker than the times quoted above, often in 4 to 10 calendar days.

We send out tracking information from our website when we ship your order. If you haven’t received tracking information within 2 business days of placing your order, please check your email spam/junk folder.

Length: 32 cm (12.5 in); Width: 20 cm (8 in); Height: 7 cm (2.5 in); Gross Weight: 1.9 kg (4 lbs ); Net Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

Length: 32 cm (12.5 in); Width: 20 cm (8 in); Height: 7 cm (2.5 in); Gross Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs ); Net Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

Looking For Something a Little Different?

The original Canadian ice-white raw honey. Packaged only fresh on our farm.

1 kg Unfiltered Raw Honey

The most honey for your money, our 1kg jar is intended for families and those who enjoy honey regularly.

250g gourmet raw honey from the Canadian prairies! Silky-smooth white honey in an elegant Italian glass jar

250g Unpasteurized Raw Honey

A smaller, cheaper jar that makes a great gift or introduction to premium raw honey.

250g (8.8oz) Natural Raw Honey FAQ

Only the quantity of honey in the jar. Like all our jars, each 140g (4.9oz) jar of Wendell Estate’s natural raw honey represents the best honey produced by our bees each summer. We don’t do process, blend or batch the honey: We simply extract the honey from the honeycombs with a centrifuge and package it directly into the retail jars—usually within a day of harvesting from the beehives. While individuals with exceptionally discerning taste and smell may detect subtle variations between any two jars of Wendell Estate Honey, attributable to honey from different apiaries being packaged each day, we assure you that every jar of natural raw honey meets our highest quality standards.

140 grams (4.9 ounces) contains 7 one-tablespoon (21g) servings. That’s enough for a week’s breakfast toast with our uniquely delicious natural raw honey.

Infants less than one year of age should not consume natural raw honey (or honey of any kind) because there’s a risk of developing infant botulism. The digestive systems of infants are not yet fully populated by the usual healthy gut bacteria. If an infant ingests honey containing C. botulinum spores, there is a potential for these spores to become activated and proliferate in the infant’s intestines, gradually releasing their toxin. Once infants have passed their first birthday, their intestines have been colonized by healthy bacteria and they are no longer susceptible to infant botulism.

People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels when consuming honey. Natural raw honey has a glycemic index that’s comparable to that of fruit.

Natural raw honey is honey as it’s found in a beehive. It is unheated and unfiltered, so it contains all the pollen and enzymes that are thought to confer its numerous health benefits. Most of the larger brands of honey on store shelves have been pasteurized and ultrafiltered to prevent crystallization and possible fermentation. These advantages are offset by some disadvantages. The heating of pasteurization destroys some of the healthy bee enzymes. Ultrafiltration removes the pollen, which has two negatives. Bee pollen is healthy (granted the amount of bee pollen in honey is very small). Probably more importantly, when the pollen is removed from the honey it’s almost impossible to determine the floral source of the honey and much more difficult to assess whether the honey has been adulterated with cheaper sugar syrups.

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